Kellog Nichols Man Killed in Train Robbery CC

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Cabinet card of Chicago Messenger Kellog Nichols. In period hand mount recto ' Kellog Nichols / Died March 13 / 86'. Circa 1880s.

Supposedly killed by Jesse James Gang on March 13, 1886 in a train robbery.

An excerpt from the NY Times: Express Messenger Kellogg Nichols spent part of last Friday evening listening to 'Victor, the Blue Stocking,' which the Boston Ideals were singing at the Grand Opera House, and chatting with his friend, Doorkeeper 'Bob' Bagley. Then he went down to the Rock Island station, and at 11 o'clock went out with his express car on the Kansas express.

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad vault robbery and homicide of Kellogg Nichols, Illinois, 1886, committed by Newton Watt and Harry Schwartz, railroad employees
Bailey J delivered the opinion of At the March Term 1887 of the of Grundy County Henry Schwartz Watt were jointly indicted for the of Kellogg Nichols The indictment by the grand jury consisted of of which the seventh was quashed of the defendants and upon the six counts the defendants were convicted and sentenced to the penitentiary for life Watt alone the record to this court and The first third fourth fifth and of the indictment are in the usual form the commission by the defendants crime charged on the 13th day of March in Grundy County and differing other only in their statements as to the used and the mode in which the was perpetrated The second count that the murder was committed by on said 13th day of March 1886 in and upon a railroad car passing over Rock Island & Pacific Railway in the State aforesaid which said into said county of Grundy and on the day aforesaid It appears from the evidence that Nichols time he was killed was an express in the o of the United States

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