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Patent PhotographPatent Photograph
Cabinet card of some type of mechanical device. Most likely used as a patent reference. German photographic backstamp.

Luckenbach Line Boat PhotographLuckenbach Line Boat Photograph
Silver image of a very large boat with the words 'Luckenbach Line' on the side. 8 x 10 image; circa 1925.

Fishermen and Their Catch Cabinet CardFishermen and Their Catch Cabinet Card
Horizontal cabinet card of six anglers with six large fish strung up in front of them. Great hobbyist cabinet card of a group of fishermen. Circa 1895.

Man with a Fur CoatMan with a Fur Coat
Cabinet card of a man with a fur coat and wearing a hat. Excellent fashion study from the late 1800s.

Newsboy Cabinet Card of Harriett VernonNewsboy Cabinet Card of Harriett Vernon
Excellent cabinet card with Newsboy's photographic logo and 'Harriett Vernon' mount recto. Numbered 43 in the negative. Vernon was a burlesque star in the late 1880s.

Newsboy Cabinet Card of Annie SummervilleNewsboy Cabinet Card of Annie Summerville
Excellent cabinet card with Newsboy's photographic logo and 'Annie Summerville' mount recto. Numbered 9 in the negative and mount recto. Summerville was a burlesque star in the late 1880s.

Pedal Car and a Child Dressed as an IndianPedal Car and a Child Dressed as an Indian
Silver photograph measuring 4 x 5-1/2 on a larger brown mount of three people standing in front of a home. Taken from across the street, it shows a man, a woman, possibly a maid, and two children. One child is in a pedal car and the other is dressed ...

Wedding Silver Photograph - 1928Wedding Silver Photograph - 1928
8 x 10 image of a bride, groom, maid of honor and best man. Circa 1928 silver photograph.

Automobile Interior Silver PhotographAutomobile Interior Silver Photograph
Image focusing on the dashboard taken from behind the driver's seat of a 1920s car. Interesting to see the sparseness and drab, harsh interior in contrast to today's vehicles.

Egyptian Man CDVEgyptian Man CDV
CDV of an Egyptian man sitting in a chair. The bearded fellow wears a fez. By Robert & Mylius of Alexandrie; with backstamp. Circa 1885.

Man in Drag Cabinet CardMan in Drag Cabinet Card
Image of two men in oriental costumes. The man sitting in a chair is dressed as a woman. Circa 1885.

Hunter, Rifle, Dog and Rabbit CDVHunter, Rifle, Dog and Rabbit CDV
Excellent hobbyist CDV of a man holding a rifle. This hunter stands with his trusty dog at his side and a rabbit, obviously his catch, on the ground in front of him. With top corners trimmed slightly. CIrca 1885.

Wedding Party PhotographWedding Party Photograph
Silver photograph of a large wedding party - the bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, a bridesmaid and a groomsmen. Excellent 8 x 10 horizontal image; circa 1947.

Child and Cocker SpanielChild and Cocker Spaniel
Silver photograph about the size of a cabinet card of young boy with his trusty dog at this side. Circa 1915.

W.H. Crane by Falk Cabinet CardW.H. Crane by Falk Cabinet Card
Cabinet card of actor William H. Crane (1845-1928). Crane began his career at age 19 and became a favorite of the American stage.

Flood and Fire Damage in Hot Springs, ArkansasFlood and Fire Damage in Hot Springs, Arkansas
8 x 10 silver photograph featuring two smaller images. They show the fire and flood damage that swept Hot Springs, Arkansas. The top photo shows the smoking ruins of the Marquette Hotel fire, caused by the flood. The lower photograph shows wreckage ...

Egg Hunting News Service PhotosEgg Hunting News Service Photos
Set of 12 silver photographs with news captions attached. Circa 1944 images each approximately 8 x 10 featuring the art of egg hunting. With news story by S.S. Beneckson of International News Photos.

Span Am on Daughters of the RegimentSpan Am on Daughters of the Regiment
Cabinet card of a Spanish American War soldier, armed with a sword, holding a handkerchief.

Hand-Tinted Japanese Rice FarmerHand-Tinted Japanese Rice Farmer
Excellent hand-tinted albumen image of Japanese man preparing the wetlands for planting his rice. He stands holding some type of farming implement pulled by an oxen in ankle-deep water in his field. 7-3/4 x 10 image titled in the negative '140. Prepa...

Autographed Bertie DeAco Cabinet CardAutographed Bertie DeAco Cabinet Card
Autographed mount recto cabinet card of a young Bertie DeAco of the DeAcos. They were a a novelty aerobatic shooting act. They performed with guns on the high wire traveling with the circus of the day!

Clarinetist Cabinet CardClarinetist Cabinet Card
Image of a young musician holding his clarinet. Some damage to mount; circa 1885.

Exterior Home Cabinet CardExterior Home Cabinet Card
Image of a farmhouse or rural home with a family standing on the porch of the house in a fenced yard. Circa 1885.

Exterior Home in Collinsville, IllinoisExterior Home in Collinsville, Illinois
Silver photograph of a group of men, women, children and dogs in front of a home. A windmill is in the background. Measures 8 x 5 on a larger dark gray mount; circa 1925.

Wedding Couples Cabinet CardsWedding Couples Cabinet Cards
Two cabinet cards of couples on their wedding nights. These two excellent grand images of matrimony with the ladies in bridal gowns and veils standing arm in arm with their grooms. One bride's gown is not white, but appears to be a color different th...

Booklet of Paris PhotographsBooklet of Paris Photographs
Excellent minature book of photographs of famous locales in Paris, France. Measures 2 x 3 with thick covers and embossed on the front in gold script 'Paris'. Each image on heavy photographic paper features scalloped edges. With descriptions and not...

Matronly Lady PhotographMatronly Lady Photograph
Larger format photograph that appears to be hand-colored in gray tones of a late nineteenth century woman. She sits and rests her hand on a table next to her. Trimmed to 8 x 10-3/4 with several bends throughout.

American Bus Silver PhotographAmerican Bus Silver Photograph
8 x 10 image printed on linen paper of a bus. Produced by the American Body and Equipment Company. Circa 1950.

Home Exterior and Three Ladies PhotoHome Exterior and Three Ladies Photo
Silver image of three ladies standing on the porch of a small home. 5 x 7 on a larger gray mount; circa 1915.

Large Wedding Party Silver PhotographLarge Wedding Party Silver Photograph
8 x 10 image a the bride and groom. The maid of honor, numerous bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen and two flower girls pose elegantly in this circa 1945 image.

Three Exterior Silver PhotographsThree Exterior Silver Photographs
Square photos on cream mounts. One features a home, another a barn and the third two men on railroad tracks. Circa 1898 images each measuring 3 x 3 to 4-3/4 x 3-1/2 on larger mounts.

High School Football Team Silver PhotographHigh School Football Team Silver Photograph
Image of a the El Dorado, Illinois High School Football Team posing with the coaching staff in front of the El Dorado High School. 5 x 7 silver image in a two-tone gray mat. Circa 1920. El Dorado is a small town located in the southeast corner of I...

Boy on a Horse Silver PhotoBoy on a Horse Silver Photo
Silver photograph of a boy riding a small horse measuring 3-3/4 x 4-3/4 on a cream mount. A barn is in the background, indicating this to be a farm scene; circa 1910.

Lake Defiance by Michael RubinLake Defiance by Michael Rubin
Large format Silver Photograph. Photograph is of Lake Defiance in Northern IL, taken in 1980. Measures 16 x 20 on a larger mat and framed. Signed mount recto; signed, stamped, titled mount verso.

Controversial Actor Richard Mansfield Cabinet CardControversial Actor Richard Mansfield Cabinet Card
Sarony image of Richard Mansfield; with Mansfield in top hat and tails. Sarony's logo mount recto.

Mansfield, Richard (18541907), actor. The famous but controversial American leading man was born in Berlin, the son of an English merchant an...

Army Officer Cabinet CardArmy Officer Cabinet Card
Cabinet Card of a Army Officer. Circa 1885; Worchester, Massachusetts photographic logo mount recto.

Louise Schroeder Silver PhotographLouise Schroeder Silver Photograph
News service image of Louise Schroeder with the grand champion cow at the Kansas City Livestock Show. With news caption attached, circa December, 1933. 6-1/2 x 8-1/2.

Armed Span Am Soldier Oblong Cabinet CardArmed Span Am Soldier Oblong Cabinet Card
Oversize (oblong) cabinet card of a Spanish American War soldier. He is armed with a sword, has a medal on his chest, epaulets on his shoulders and a grand pith helmet at his side. Grand image! Circa 1885; Chicago, Illinois photographic logo mount re...

Wisconsin Railroad Land Display Silver PhotographWisconsin Railroad Land Display Silver Photograph
5 x 7 silver image of a land display showing various plant specimens located along the the Wisconsin Central Railway and Northern Wisconsin. With label attached mount recto for 'Land Department, W.C. R'Y. Co.' Circa 1900 image on a larger black mount...

Pointers from Westminster Kennel Club ShowPointers from Westminster Kennel Club Show
Two silver image of points 4 x 5-1/2 on larger cream colored mounts. Each image shows a pointer in classic position. From the Westminster Kennel Club Show, 1899.

Grocery Store Interior Silver PhotographGrocery Store Interior Silver Photograph
5 x 7 silver photograph on a larger dark gray mount of the interior of a small grocery store. One man stands behind the counter; another in front. Both men are identified in hand mount recto as Frank Brady and Mr. Gossum. Circa 1910.

Dry Cleaners Silver PhotographDry Cleaners Silver Photograph
5 x 7 silver photograph of a dry cleaner shop and workers on a black mount. Circa 1920 occupational image.

U.S Navy Shipyard Silver PhotographU.S Navy Shipyard Silver Photograph
Silver photograph of what appears to be a U.S. Naval shipyard with a ship in the background. Docks, obviously, are in the foreground. Measures 8 x 10 on a larger light gray mount. Circa 1915 image, which features a United States flag draped on the sh...

Knights of Templar Cabinet CardKnights of Templar Cabinet Card
Silver photograph slightly larger than a cabinet card of a member of the Knights of Templar. In full dress and armed with a sword. On a brown mount; circa 1915.

Ox Team Outside a Bank Silver PhotographOx Team Outside a Bank Silver Photograph
Excellent image of a group of oxen pulling a covered wagon with several men standing about. Measures 7-1/2 x 9-1/4. With the First National Bank in the background - appears somewhat dilapidated. Circa 1920 silver photograph.

Autographed Pach Bros. Cabinet Card of Della FoxAutographed Pach Bros. Cabinet Card of Della Fox
Excellent signed cabinet card of Fox with Pach Bros' New York photographic stamp mount recto. Della Fox (1870-1913) was an actor and singer. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 13, 1870, Della Fox began appearing in juvenile theatricals while a...

Vienna Opera Diva Cabinet CardVienna Opera Diva Cabinet Card
Excellent East European image of an opera singer in costume - Mona Vanna. With 'Hans Makart. Kunstanstalt' photographic stamp mount recto and verso. Circa 1880 image.

Jitney Full of Tourists Silver PhotographJitney Full of Tourists Silver Photograph
5 x 7 image of a group of tourists piled in a touring car. On a larger black mount; circa 1910.

Wedding Photograph - The BrideWedding Photograph - The Bride
Excellent silver photograph circa 1939 of a beautiful bride. She poses in her white wedding dress, which has a large train, all draped in front. She holds her bouquet of flowers and wears her veil. Measures 8 x 10.

Bride and Groom Wedding PhotographBride and Groom Wedding Photograph
Silver image measuring 4 x 6 of a bride and groom on their wedding night. On a cream colored mount trimmed in gold. By Pulaski of Chicago; circa 1918 .

Locomotive Silver PhotographLocomotive Silver Photograph
Silver photograph of a railroad engine. Slightly faded measuring 5 x 7. Circa 1909 image on a larger black mount.

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