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Worthington Auto Garage Silver PhotoWorthington Auto Garage Silver Photo
Circa 1915 image of the interior of an auto repair garage. Shows several vehicles in the garage with four mechanics. Identified in the negative as 'Worthington Garage. Measures 5 x 7 on a larger gray mount.

Wedding Photograph - The Bride and GroomWedding Photograph - The Bride and Groom
Excellent silver photograph circa 1940 of a beautiful bride and her groom. She poses in her white wedding dress, which has a large train, all draped in front. She holds her bouquet of flowers and wears her veil. Measures 8 x 10.

Grocery Store Interior - Sunkist OrangesGrocery Store Interior - Sunkist Oranges
5 x 7 silver photograph of a grocery store with many, many bins of fresh fruit. A large sign in the background advertises Sunkist Oranges. The proprietor stands near a row of fruit bins. Circa 1920 image on a larger black mount.

Fire Aftermath Silver PhotographFire Aftermath Silver Photograph
Excellent 5 x 7 silver image of a building that recently survived a fire. Near the building is the shell of a building obviously destroyed recently by fire. The focus of this photograph is two buildings covered by ice as though they were sprayed dow...

Chicago Lodge Member with MedalsChicago Lodge Member with Medals
Cabinet card of a lodge or fraternal man with several medals pinned to his chest and a nine sided start on his cross belt.

Superior Cabinet Card: Singers and ViolinistsSuperior Cabinet Card: Singers and Violinists
For the serious musical enthusiast... Outstanding horizontal cabinet card of a large group of musicians - eight men and five women. Two of the men hold their violins and bows; the remaining are singers. Circa 1890 image.

Man with a Pneumatic BicycleMan with a Pneumatic Bicycle
Cabinet card of a young man standing with his bike. Iowa photographic logo mount recto.

Actors in Character Cabinet CardActors in Character Cabinet Card
Excellent image of two actors in full costume as some sort of Revolutionary era scene.

School Play - Kids with British FlagsSchool Play - Kids with British Flags
Silver image measuring 5 x 7 of a group of children and their teacher, who holds some sort of three pronged staff. They all wave British flags. On a larger black mount. Circa 1900.

Young Boy with a Trumpet Cabinet CardYoung Boy with a Trumpet Cabinet Card
Excellent image of a young child musician holding a trumpet in hand. In the other he holds his hat.

Boy with a Pneumatic BicycleBoy with a Pneumatic Bicycle
Cabinet card of a young boy standing with his bike. Circa 1910 image.

Shoe Store Interior PhotographShoe Store Interior Photograph
Interior view of a shoe store. Several men and customers stand about the store, with rows of shoes along each wall. Interesting aspects include a sign advertising shoes for 75 cents and the use of both gas and electricity - gas to power the lights a...

Louise Searle by Scholl Cabinet CardLouise Searle by Scholl Cabinet Card
Image of the nineteenth actress by Scholl of Philadelphia. Circa 1880 image.

Lodge Member with MedalsLodge Member with Medals
Cabinet card of a lodge or fraternal man with several medals pinned to his chest and two small emblems on his shoulders and collar.

Coke and Chicken Dinner Candy DisplayCoke and Chicken Dinner Candy Display
Nice image of a drug store with a prominent Coca-Cola sign and Chicken Dinner Candy Display. Silver photograph measures 8 x 10.

Woman with Books, Fan and Photo AlbumsWoman with Books, Fan and Photo Albums
Cabinet card of a young lady holding a fan. She stands next to a small display of books and possibly several cabinet card or CDV albums. Circa 1880 cabinet card.

Cabinet Card of Opera Star Julia WillsCabinet Card of Opera Star Julia Wills
Cabinet card by Batch of Boston, identified in period hand mount recto.Julia M. Willis was a chorister on tour with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company 'D' in 1900, and with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company 'C' in 1901 and 1902. In 1901 she sang 'Oasis-in-the-Deser...

Salvini by Falk Cabinet CardSalvini by Falk Cabinet Card
Image by Falk of Salvini and marked 'SALVINI.' on mount recto. Singer Tommaso Salvini (1829-1915) was an Italian tragedian. His parents were actors and he performed children's parts at a young age. Salvini joined Adelaide Ristori's troupe. He first t...

Daguerreotype of a Man - Distinctive ChairDaguerreotype of a Man - Distinctive Chair
Sixth plate image of an older gentleman. He sits and the top back of this distinctive chair can be seen. The ornate chair back comes to a point in the center and features fine detail, that of a chair hand made by a craftsman of the mid-nineteenth ce...

Armed Military CadetsArmed Military Cadets
Large group of military cadets. They sit on the grounds of the Military Institute they attend. In full uniform, including gloves, hat and armed with rifles. Circa 1920 silver photograph measuring 6 x 8 on a larger two-tone gray mount.

Paddlewheeler at the LeveePaddlewheeler at the Levee
4-3/4 x 3-3/4 image of a large paddlewheel boat on the bank of a river. There is a large group of people on the boat and quite a few on the ground. On a larger black mount; circa 1900.

Lingerie Shop Silver PhotographLingerie Shop Silver Photograph
Interior of a lingerie shop with the proprietor, a woman, standing the rear of the store. On a larger gray mount; circa 1915.

Group of Blacksmiths Silver PhotographGroup of Blacksmiths Silver Photograph
Silver image of a group of smiths standing in front of their blacksmith shop. 4 x 6 on a larger black mount. Circa 1900.

Model A Silver PhotographModel A Silver Photograph
8 x 10 horizontal image of a man standing next to his Ford Model A car along a neighborhood street.

German Band Silver PhotographGerman Band Silver Photograph
Excellent image of a group of German musicians, nearly all holding some type of wind instrument. Measures 4-3/4 x 6-1/2 on a larger cream colored mount.

University of Chicago Dormitories and Cobb HallUniversity of Chicago Dormitories and Cobb Hall
Oversize cabinet card of the exterior of the dormitories and Cobb Lecture Hall at the University of Chicago. Identified in period hand mount recto.

Tintype of a Man on a HorseTintype of a Man on a Horse
CDV sized tintype of a man on a horse. Contained in a period paper mat.

Duke of Edinburgh CDVDuke of Edinburgh CDV
Identified mount recto and with The London Stereoscopic Photographic Company backstamp. Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Ulster and Kent, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh). He was named H.R.H. Prince Alfred Duke of Edinbur...

J.C. Taitt Lumber Yard Cabinet CardJ.C. Taitt Lumber Yard Cabinet Card
Excellent cabinet card of the exterior of the J.C. Taitt Lumber Yard with four adults standing out front. Circa 1875.

Violinist Silver PhotographViolinist Silver Photograph
Slightly smaller than 4 x 2-1/2 on a cream colored mount. Features a young man in a suit and tie holding his violin and bow.

Royal Family of England CDVRoyal Family of England CDV
Horizontal image of an etching of the Royal Family of England. Identified mount recto.

Cornet Player Cabinet CardCornet Player Cabinet Card
Image of a musician holding his cornet horn in hand.

Cabinet Card of Two Men and a BicycleCabinet Card of Two Men and a Bicycle
Two men stand with one pneumatic bike. By Aldrin of Minnesota, who drew the easily seen excitement from these men while taking the picture!

Two Mensa Members News Service PhotosTwo Mensa Members News Service Photos
Two images of young boys, each photo measuring 7-1/2 x 10 and with captions attached by Sonnee Gottlieb of INP. Circa 1943. Mensa International is an organization for people with high IQs. Its sole requirement for entry is that potential members must...

General George C. Marshall Silver PhotographGeneral George C. Marshall Silver Photograph
Image measuring 7-1/2 x 10 of the famous general at a meeting Rio De Janeiro. Circa 1942 news service photograph. George C. Marshall (1880-1959), Military Leader, World War II Figure and Political Figure, was best known as World War II-era U.S. Gener...

Swiss Soldier CDVSwiss Soldier CDV
Circa 1880 image of a Swiss soldier in uniform. With Switzerland photographic logo of a St.Gallen photographer. St. Gallen is a beautiful Swiss town with a remarkably intact medieval monastery and library that is a treasure trove for academics

CDV of a Plow in a FieldCDV of a Plow in a Field
Image of a plow in a field. Associated with the first plowing of the plains of Illinois - the 'plow that broke the plains'. Basically, Illinois was not farmable until a plow that could cut through the thick loam that was matted with decaying grasses...

Elizabeth H.W. Jackson Autographed Cabinet CardElizabeth H.W. Jackson Autographed Cabinet Card
Signed and dated 1904 by the famous actress. By Young of Brooklyn, New York.

From The Leonard Finger Collection. Leonard Finger is an independent casting director in New York who has been collecting 19th and early 20th century theatrical his...

Outstanding Autographed Rosina Vokes Cabinet CardOutstanding Autographed Rosina Vokes Cabinet Card
Great camera work is apparent in this image by Falk of the actress Rosina Vokes (1854-94). With his photographic logo mount recto and her signature mount verso.Rosina was one of the most talented of the The Vokes Family. The Vokes Family was a group ...

Span Am Officer Cabinet CardSpan Am Officer Cabinet Card
Excellent image of a Spanish American War officer with Sergeant stripes on each arm. He has one small medal on his chest.

Football Team Silver PhotographFootball Team Silver Photograph
Group of sixteen football players all lined up in front of what is most probably their main educational building. Each player is wearing the full football uniform, including shoulder pads and cleats. The manager, in a suit and tie, stands to the fa...

Japanese Real Photo PostcardJapanese Real Photo Postcard
Image of an American man riding in a rickshaw being pulled by a Japanese man. He has sergeant stripes on his uniform; obviously a military man. Back of postcard has note in period hand to his sister. Circa 1910.

Bennett Hill, Indy 500 Racer Silver PhotographBennett Hill, Indy 500 Racer Silver Photograph
8 x 10 photograph of Bennett Hill in his roadster; titled in the negative 'Bennet Hill / The Diminutive Pace Maker of the / Miller Stables Driving a Miller Special / 500 Mile Race Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 31, 1926'. With Frank Jones of Indian...

Span An Soldier Cabinet CardSpan An Soldier Cabinet Card
Cabinet Card of a young Spanish American War soldier.

Autographed Gregory Abbott Silver PhotographAutographed Gregory Abbott Silver Photograph
8 x 10 silver photograph signed by thee musician. Gregory Abbott (April, 1954 in New York) is an American soul-musician (keys and drums), singer, composer and producer. Abbott's parents came from Venezuela and Antigua. His mother gave him a first mu...

Grocery Store Picnic Silver PhotographGrocery Store Picnic Silver Photograph
5 x7 silver photograph of a group of men standing on a Ford Truck, inscribed 'J.I. Lamb Co. Wholesale Fruit'. Located in a field, most likely for a company picnic. Circa 1915.

Duke of Devonshire CDVDuke of Devonshire CDV
CDV of the Seventh Duke of Devonshire, identified in period hand mount verso. With backstamp of Messrs W. Walker and Sons. William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire (April 27,1808 -December 21, 1891), was the great-grandson of the 4th duke and grands...

Amphibian Angels - Silver Photographs of NursesAmphibian Angels - Silver Photographs of Nurses
Group of a dozen silver photographs of nurses training to assist the U.S. Navy and Army. They are undergoing rigorous water training. Circa 1944 images each measuring 7-1/2 x 10 with captions and news service story. By Tony Sarno.

Armed World War I SoldierArmed World War I Soldier
Nearly 4 x 6 photograph on a larger gray mount of a U.S. Army soldier standing in front of a backdrop. He has his uniform on and holds his company issued rifle.

British Military Soldier CDVBritish Military Soldier CDV
English CDV of a uniformed soldier. Some damage to the emulsion, otherwise fine example of a full standing European military man.

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